P2V Engineering ltd

CNC Precision Engineering

P2V Engineering Ltd is a Devon based sub-contract engineering Company specialising in the precision manufacture of metal & plastic components, with its history going back over 40 years in all of the major UK industries.

Tel UK: 01626 836789

Email: martin@p2v.ltd


Our Specialties

P2V Engineering are able to manufacture in batch quantities from 1 off’s to 1000’s off and utalising our expertise in abrasive finishing techniques, are capable of processing and measuring to less than 1 micron.


About Us

Our 20,000 square feet modern industrial workshop house’s our current 16 off CNC machines, (plus automatic & manual versions), consisting of multi-axis milling/turning and precision cnc grinding, including honing, lapping & superfinishing. It also contains our 500 square feet temperature controlled Inspection room which includes a large capacity CNC-CMM in addition to the user friendly manual CMM, talyrond, laser non-contact & optical systems along with various bespoke/standard hand inspection equipment.


CnC Milling

Cnc Turning


Honing & Superfinishing

What We Do



Industries serviced by P2V Engineering include Aerospace, Motorsport, Oil & Gas, Medical, Space Systems, Science Industries, Hydraulics, Pneumatics, Marine, Chemical Processing, Optics, Automation, Power & Drive Train, Composite Mouldings and Prototype Tools/Jigs.


P2V Engineering is proud to employ and count upon its highly skilled & experianced staff members who utalise our industry standard operating systems, including Edgecam CAD/CAM, Filemaker Company Operating System, Renishaw On Machine Verification and Sage Financial software. 


Materials processed at P2V Engineering are combinations of metals, alloys, high temperature alloys, titaniums, mmc’s carbides, ceramics and plastics.

P2V Engineering possess a huge amount of experiance in dealing with components requiring all types of surface engineering & industrial coatings, from Anodising, Electroless Nickle and Chrome plating, through to HVOF, PVD & DLC’s.